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See our Academic Calendar 2020-2021 which provides school vacations.

See our new requirements for the 2020-2021 academic year, here.

FACTS Family Portal is a private and secure parents’ portal that will allow parents to view academic information specific to their children while protecting their children’s information from others. You may view your child’s grades, attendance, as well as other useful school information.

Every family must create a new login in FACTS SIS Family Portal to access grades, attendance, and the like.

Please view the instructions here.

The St. Francis Xavier Preparatory School Home and School Association (HSA) is a liaison among parents, teachers, and the principal.

The mission of the HSA is to enhance the Catholic family spirit while promoting a community atmosphere by sponsoring cultural enrichment programs and special events for students and families.

There are numerous venues for parental participation that provide opportunities to be involved in your child’s middle school experience.  Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month at 6:30 P.M.  All HSA meetings are open and parents are encouraged to attend.

In order for the HSA to fulfill its mission, a nominal annual fee of $50.00 per family coupled with fund-raising events throughout the year helps to support the enrichment programs and to update the school facilities.

Please make your checks payable to SFXP-HSA.

Uniforms are a distinct indication of a student’s connection to St. Francis Xavier Preparatory School. Representing the school in a positive manner is an expectation in all areas of student life, including professional dress. The overall goal of the dress code is for St. Francis Xavier Preparatory School students to be attired professionally, tastefully, and comfortably.

Donnelly’s School Apparel for purchasing information.

Boys' Uniform

  • Shirt: White button-down oxford shirt*
  • Pant: Dress code solid grey pant*
  • Blazer: Dress code navy blazer*
  • Tie: Dress code plaid tie*
  • Belt: Traditional black or brown leather belt
  • Socks: Navy socks
  • Shoes: Solid black flat-soled dress shoes

Girls' Uniform

  • Blouse: White pointed collar blouse*
  • Skirt: Dress code plaid skirt*
  • Blazer: Dress code navy blazer*
  • Tie: Dress code plaid cross tie*
  • Knee socks/tights: Navy knee socks or opaque tights
  • Dress shoes: Solid black flat-soled dress shoes

*Purchased from Donnelly’s School Apparel

St. Francis Xavier Preparatory School and the Diocese of Fall River are committed to the protection of all of our students.  Anyone that is interested in volunteering at St. Francis Xavier Preparatory School must complete a CORI (background check), review and sign the Code of Conduct, and complete online Safe Environment Training before volunteering at SFXP.

Please be sure to read the following thoroughly. Please ONLY submit a completed packet, including the following documents, to the Main Office once you have gathered ALL required documents.

Completed Volunteer Packet MUST include ALL of the following:

  1.  Completed CORI Form with a copy of government-issued photo identification
  2. Signed Code of Conduct for Diocesan Lay Employees and Volunteers
  3. Safe Environment Training Certificate

Download the CORI Form

Download the Code of Conduct Form

Download Instructions to complete the online Safe Environment Training

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