Admissions Process

Covid-19 Admissions Update

Currently accepting applications for the 2020-2021 school year.  Due to COVID-19, the financial aid deadline has been extended.

Currently, all admissions campus events have been canceled or postponed.  BUT, there are still many ways to learn about SFXP.   Visit our website, watch our admissions video, follow us on social media, and attend a VIRTUAL admissions meeting with Admissions Director, Jenn Canzano.

To schedule a virtual meeting or for more information, please contact Admissions Director, Jenn Canzano, at

The admissions process involves four essential steps:


SFXP currently uses a download and complete application. 


Student Essay: 

The student essay should be in the student’s own handwriting.

Essay Questions

  1. Describe yourself as a student.
  2. What are your best qualities?
  3. In what areas would you like to grow during your middle school years?


Provide a copy of your child’s current school record, including previous report cards and the most recent report from the current academic year, and any standardized testing (e.g. Iowa, Stanford, MCAS, PARC)

If you are unable to access this information, please provide a statement describing your child as a student to Admissions Director, Jenn Canzano,


Once we receive the application, essay, report card, standardized test scores, or academic statement, we will contact you to schedule your virtual interview with Middle School Principal, Mrs. Elizabeth Kelley.

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