Advanced Level Courses

Because our school serves students in grades 5 through 12, a wide array of academic opportunities are available to our students. Our advanced students may take high school courses at an earlier time so that when they are in high school, they will be able to take courses at the collegiate level.

Our middle school students have taken Honors Biology, Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra I, and Calculus at the high school. Based on ability, middle school students may take additional advanced mathematics courses.

Accelerated Science

Seventh-grade students who have demonstrated a strong work ethic and academic excellence in science and mathematics. This course covers the seventh and eighth-grade science curriculum in one year, and those who successfully complete the course take Honors Biology and Honors Algebra I at our high school in grade 8.

Algebra I Honors

This course in an accelerated Algebra I class which offers students high school credits to students in grade 8. This course is intended for students with strong mathematics ability who are looking for a solid foundation in Algebra I so that they will be prepared for future honors and AP level courses. Topics include: operations with real numbers, order of operations, solving equations and inequalities, absolute values, exponents and polynomials, factoring, systems of equations, coordinate geometry, rational expressions, word problems, radicals, and quadratic functions and equations.

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