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Excellence in Middle School Education Since 1996

Lord, Teach Us

"We believe SFXP is doing an unbelievable job during a pandemic, trying to continue with sports and activities while keeping everyone safe.  It is difficult to have team building during the pandemic, but if any school is doing it, it is SFXP. We are overwhelmingly pleased with the academic challenges."

Nicole Arruda parent, '25

"Thank You and your staff for doing a tremendous job through these chaotic times.   I sincerely appreciate your leadership and communication this past year."

Heidi Buol parent, '21

"Enrolling our son at SFXP was the best decision our family could have made for his middle school education.  Given that he is the youngest of our 4 children, we already had a lot of experience dealing with the dreaded middle school years.  Finding quality education that is both affordable and academically rigorous can be difficult.  We are thrilled he will be continuing his high school education next door at JPII. If you are looking for an exceptional education, then look no further!"

Tonya Stump parent, '20

"This school has helped me grow closer  to God and I have learned what it means to have faith."

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Lauren Rhude, '20

"The staff and teachers have done an amazing job of providing a safe environment for our children to learn and grow . We understand a lot of time , hard work and collaboration has gone into making this school year so successful. Your communication and policies and procedures were well thought out and executed . Thank you for your dedication and consistency - know that this has had such a huge effect on your students mental and physical health . Great job by all!!"

Tricia McDonald parent, '23

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