Category: Student of the Week

Jaye Fedele: Student of the Week

November 6 – November 10 One of the most important attributes of a successful SFXP student is that he or she possesses is kindness.  Jaye Fedele is a kind individual who demonstrates that kindness through word and through deed.  She is pleasant, gentle and respectful.  Though quiet and unassuming, she shows strong leadership by her example to others.  Jaye is a positive role model and she shows maturity beyond her years.  In class, teachers appreciate her attention and focus.  She is an excellent student because she works hard and never gives up when something is challenging.  Lastly, Jaye is a student that teachers and students can depend on.  

Ana Santos: Student of the Week

October 30 – November 3 The Student of the Week for October 30 joined our school as a seventh grader, and she has done a wonderful job adjusting to the academic rigor of SFXP.  She is focused in her academics, working hard to improve each day.  She takes the initiative to attend extra help sessions when she doesn’t understand something and is always prepared to contribute something meaningful to classroom discussion.  She is poised, she has appropriate self-confidence, and she is respectful, and kind.  She is an excellent role model for our school, especially for those who have joined SFXP as 7th graders.  

Shea Knowlton: Student of the Week

October 23 – October 27 Shea Knowlton is a wonderful example of a successful SFXP student. She is a very sweet, kind, polite young lady who works diligently and is always prepared. She has a good work ethic and never comes to school without her homework, and she does not give up when the work is challenging for her.  Shea possesses appropriate self-confidence, she makes good eye contact with her teachers during discussions, and is helpful to her teachers and her peers. Shea is also an excellent artist.  Last year, she was one of only two 5th graders who had work chosen for the SFXP Christmas card selection. Not only is she a talented artist, but she is also a gifted dancer. Last year she impressed us all with a dance routine that she choreographed and performed with a friend in the SFXP talent show. Most recently, Shea impressed her teachers with her outstanding science project. All of her teachers agree, she truly is a pleasure to have in class.   

Matthew Curley: Student of the Week

November 13 – November 17 When Matthew Curley was nominated for Student of the Week, it surprised many of the faculty that he had not yet received the award because he is such a great student and such a wonderful person.  He has a genuine concern for others, helping other students and helping teachers whenever help is needed. He is always prepared for class and he demonstrates great creativity. He is a self-starter.  When his work is completed, he takes on another task and does it well.   Matthew possesses appropriate self-confidence. When he encounters teachers or adults, he looks them in the eye and he politely greets them. On the soccer field, he is a wonderful team player, especially as a goalie.  He wears the uniform well and represents SFXP well whether in school or out in public. During this time of year especially, it is important to note that Matthew is grateful for all that he has been given.

Colin Buckley: Student of the Week

November 20 – November 24 Colin Buckley has embraced becoming an SFXP student in all ways. He is proud to be a member of the SFXP family. He has a wonderful sense of humor but takes his studies seriously. He is always attentive and positively contributes in classes. He willingly helps his classmates in need with a warm and friendly approach that makes them feel comfortable. As a host for a student who shadowed for a day he was welcoming and kind. During our Open House he was informative and pleasant to his guest. Colin volunteers as an altar server for Mass and demonstrates a strong understanding of our Catholic faith. He is an active member of the Student Council and volunteers whenever he can.  His homeroom teacher especially appreciates how he cheerfully begins and ends his day at school.

Student of the Week: Teddy Gibson

September 11 – 15 Teddy Gibson is an individual who has become a wonderful young man and who truly represents SFXP well.  He cares for others in a quiet, protective way, helping when he sees the need, but so as not to draw attention to the situation.  He stands up for his peers and redirects in a positive way. He is eager to help with tasks and uses appropriate self-confidence when interacting with others, and he interacts with adults and his peers in a respectful manner.  Many teachers note that they have seen such wonderful growth in Teddy as he has developed into a positive role model for his classmates.

Student of the Week: Jack Carstensen

September 18 – 22 Jack Carstensen is someone who is kind and always eager to help others.  Most recently, he has been observed helping a student pick up her books that she dropped in the hallway and he also regularly assists teachers and students with technology issues.  He even took the initiative to stay in during X-block to help new students organize. Jack displays respect and appropriate self-confidence as he carries himself in a poised manner.  He steps aside for adults in the hallways and makes sure to greet teachers with eye contact and a kind hello. He is quick-witted and his happiness is infectious. In the classroom and on the soccer field, he is attentive and focused, and he consistently gives his best effort.  This year Jack is a captain for the boys JV soccer team and does such a great job leading the boys and keeping them on track at practices. He was concerned about a boy who was injured at practice last week, checking in with the player not only right after it happened, but at the end of practice as well.

Student of the Week: Kate McNulty

September 25 – 29 Kate McNulty was impressive during the 7th grade Wellfleet field trip last week.  She was attentive to the nature guides and consistently answered science questions correctly on topics not yet explored in class.  Kate was completely engaged and she exhibited excitement and appropriate self-confidence in sharing her knowledge. This behavior is typical of her attitude in class. She puts great effort into her work and participates regularly. She is a truly compassionate and sweet person. She is also assertive and stands up for what’s right, especially to protect others. She works to her potential and tries to excel even if it doesn’t come easily. She pays attention to the classroom environment, makes proposals for improvement or ways that she can add creativity. She is kind and attentive to her peers as well and in this way is a leader by example. Kate is always warm and kind and will often engage her teachers in conversations about her life happenings outside of school. She is very proud of her family, as she demonstrated to her classmates by showing them a medal her father received for his actions on 9/11.

Student of the Week: Maeve Shortt

October 2 – 6 Maeve Shortt  is very kind.  She has a sweet and spunky manner, a happy attitude, and a big heart. Her teachers noted her strong academic abilities as well and her quiet way of leading others positively in class. She is also a talented step dancer and musician, showing her dedication to these arts by traveling off Cape three times per week for lessons while maintaining her good grades at school. She impressed her teachers and classmates by proudly dancing in full costume for the whole school as a fifth-grader. More recently, Maeve demonstrated her respect and dedication to our school safety protocol.  The front doorbell was ringing, and when I picked up the phone to let the visitor in, I found that Mrs. Shortt was trying to enter the building.  She was laughing. Maeve was looking at her through the glass, but she would not open the door for her mother.  She did exactly as she should have, following our safety protocol exactly.  

Student of the Week: Izzy Britton

October 16 – October 20 Izzy Britton is a helpful and caring person who is respectful to all. Academically, she is hardworking and focused, and often takes the time to assist others. She especially excels in Chinese – writing, speaking, and constructing sentences with careful attention. On the soccer field, Izzy is a cooperative teammate and a mature leader and role model. She is a gifted artist,  winning first and second place in the Fire Prevention poster contest during the last two years. Her positive attitude can improve the day of anyone she meets – teachers, parents, and students alike.