Category: Cultural Enrichments

Earthview is Coming to SFXP

On Tuesday, October 24th our middle school students will participate in an Earthview session led by Ms. Walsh. Earthview is a 20 foot inflatable globe that travels to school gyms throughout the United States. This teaching tool allows students not only to get a close up view of the exterior of the globe, but also to step inside and understand the world from its interior. Ms. Walsh received her license to use and present Earthview to schools at a three day workshop at Bridgewater State University last spring.

Class of 2018 & Dr. Bagwell

Dr. Mallory Bagwell, performer and educator, returned to SFXP,  Friday, September 22, to work with the Class of 2018. This is Dr. Bagwell’s 16th year working with our grade 8 students in games of problem solving, communication, cooperative learning, and leadership techniques.  

Rob Surette and His Amazing Hero Art!    

Speed painter and inspirational speaker, Rob Surette, will wow SFXP students on Monday, September 18, 10:00 A.M. in the auditorium at St. John Paul II High School. Mr. Surette has appeared on the Today Show, the Jay Leno Show, Good Morning America, the Oprah Winfrey Show and over 3500 venues all over the world! Rob speed-paints various heroes from humanity as a launching platform to teach students how they can be GREAT too.  This inspirational show is brought to our students by the Home and School Association.  All are welcome to attend what is sure to be an AMAZING! performance. Rob last visited SFXP in the fall of 2013.

Dr. Mallory Bagwell Returns to SFXP

On September 22,  Dr. Bagwell will work with with the Class of 2018 in games of problem solving, communication, cooperative learning, and leadership techniques.  This will be an all-day event, and the eighth graders may wear field trip uniform and sneakers on that day.