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Faculty News

Mrs. Battles, Mr. Sinopoli, Ms. Sheffler, Mrs. Hayes and Ms. Groves attended the 2017 Southcoast Education Summit: Social-Emotional Learning, at Somerset Berkley Regional High School. The goal of the Southcoast Education Summit is bringing together educators from across the Southcoast Region to engage in professional development, to share best practices, and integrate proven tools and strategies to support our students and improve educational attainment for all. Keynote Speaker, Jessica Minahan, addressed the topic, Reducing Anxiety in the Classroom.

SFXP Welcomes & Introduces New Teachers and Staff

  Nicole DeMatteo:  Miss DeMatteo joins SFXP as our sixth grade mathematics teacher and as a sixth grade homeroom teacher. She earned a BA and M.Ed. at Providence College.  Miss DeMatteo has been with us for several years teaching mathematics at our high school. Miss DeMatteo is a parishioner of Our Lady of Victory. Abraham Kane:  Mr. Kane joins SFXP as our grades seven and eight religion teacher and as a grade seven homeroom teacher.  Mr. Kane is a graduate of Franciscan University, earning two Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Theology and Catechetics.  During the last two years, Mr. Kane served as a missionary teacher at Our Lady of Mount Carmel High School in Belize, where he served as theology teacher, campus minister, and retreat leader. Melissa Pascarelli: Mrs. Pascarelli will be serving as our grade five geography teacher this year.  Mrs. Pascarelli earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Massachusetts and is pursuing her Masters of Education degree from Leslie University.   Mrs. Pascarelli is a member of Holy Trinity Catholic Church, where she serves as a grade five religious education instructor.  Her daughter, Ava, is a seventh grade student at SFXP. Laurie Uguccioni:  Ms. Uguccioni has been teaching piano at SFXP and serving as our JPII/SFXP choral accompanist for several years.  In addition to these roles, she joins us this year as our grades five and six general music teacher.  Ms. Uguccioni earned her Bachelors degree at the University of Miami and her Masters of Fine Arts at New York University. 

Professional Development: Kristin Groves

During the summer, Ms. Groves attended a presentation by Homeward Bound.  As they state, Homeward Bound is a groundbreaking leadership, strategic and science initiative and outreach for women, set against the backdrop of Antarctica. A main objective of the initiative, turned global movement, is to contribute to and elevate the broader societal conversation about the role of women in leading the world toward a more sustainable future. Items presented included an overview of scientific findings on a recent expedition to Antarctica, an in-depth review of the current conditions of the penguin populations, and an informative discussion on climate change and its effects on species and the environment.