Category: Classroom News

International Projects

The 6th grade began their International Project research this past week. Students created flags of their countries and are now in the process of creating physical maps in class. This is a year-long project which includes a research paper and display. The 6th-grade students will present their country projects on International Night in May.    

Bacteria Lab

For over ten years, Mrs. Risley, parent of Eric, SFXP 2006, Jarrod, 2009 and Christina, 2011, has been providing an enriching laboratory experience for grade 6 students.  As a former lab technician, Mrs. Risley brings her knowledge and experience into the SFXP classroom. Under her supervision, students swab surfaces in the building and then place those swabbings in Petri dishes. Using microscopes, students view samples and observe growth. At the end of the project, Mrs. Risley assists students in determining what they have grown. Throughout these years, Mrs. Risley’s former colleague, Ron Saari has generously donated Petri dishes, gloves and biohazard bags. Thank you, Mr. Saari and Mrs. Risley! View Photos Here!

Spanish Class

The Spanish classes will be celebrating, Dia de los Muertos, Day of the Dead. They will learn about this holiday and how it celebrates life. Also, the Spanish Club will meet after school on Wednesday, November 1, to make Calaveras, the popular sugar skulls.


Students in Grade Five technology class are learning about the parts of the computer and their functions. One student made a 3D model shown below.  Students in Grade Six technology class are reviewing the parts of the computer by using Microsoft Word to create their very own sticker collection.

Bottle Rockets in Science Class

As part of their study of rockets and space science, students in Ms. Groves’ grade 8 science classes designed and created their own water bottle rockets. Using a special device to launch them, students’ rockets soared with great success!  This year’s winner was Charlie Baroni with an estimated height of 90 feet.

Summer Reading Test

The Summer Reading test is scheduled for Thursday, September 7.  Students will be given a fact-based test on three books they read from their grade level.  These tests will be averaged and count as one test grade in reading class for the first marking term.